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Welcome to PixSpace!


We develop and sell systems that display 3D images from chest X-rays, CT and MRI images, and measure the volume of organs and tissues. In particular, the "BD-Score" system for quantitative analysis of diffusion-weighted images of the whole body has been installed with 40 licenses in Japan.


We are also developing technologies using DeepLearning, such as automatic measurement of the cardiothoracic ratio using chest X-rays and left atrial extraction for arrhythmia ablation using non-contrast CT.


In addition to the sale of developed software, we are also developing modules that can be embedded in PACS.


We also offer a service where our staff analyzes the DICOM data you send us and returns the results to you. Data can be analyzed from one to more than 100 cases. This service is often used for research purposes and has been used in sarcopenia studies by extracting muscle volumes from CT and MRI. In addition, we offer a 3D creation service for VitualReality and 3D printing. It is used in aesthetic plastic surgery simulation. This image creation service is also used to create DeepLearning teacher data.


If you are interested, please feel free to contact us using the form above.


Thank you for your interest in PixSpace.

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